Three Random Thoughts

I’ve been too busy recently to regularly post to Current Config, and I’ve got a post on Half-Life 2: Episode 1 that’s still cooking, but in the meantime here are three random thoughts I had recently: Thought 1 In a conversation yesterday with my man Steve, he told me a story about a friend of […]

Dear U.S. Airways,

Thank you for losing my luggage tonight. Having an arrival time after 10 PM makes luggage loss so much easier, so your timing was great. I guess by checking in early I gave you lots of time to screw up, which worked out well for you. You’ve now misplaced both my luggage and my wife’s […]

The Death of a Thousand Cuts

The annual springtime daylight savings time (DST) adjustment kills me. It’s one of those things that shouldn’t make such a big difference in my day, as it’s merely one hour, but that’s the thing. It’s juuuust enough to screw with my head and put me off at senstive intervals and the effect compounds itself (particularly […]

But What If You Like Spam?

A few days ago, after noticing that Gmail displays links to Spam-based recipes in the sponsored links bar when you’re in the ’Spam’ folder, I began to wonder: how does Hormel, the maker of Spam, feel about its food being associated with the insidious crud of the web and online communication? I also wondered whether […]