Airbag Industries

To celebrate a few random things, including some minor site maintenance, I’m going to bring some web-based light and goodness into your life. It’s been a while, but I just recently rediscovered Airbag, a great blog by Greg Storey, who is funny, intelligent (or he reads that way, at least) and designs a damn nice […]

Christmas, Express

And thus it begins on this October 16th: the Christmas shopping season’s slow creep into every fold of my precious brainmeats. Today, I walked past an Express in the King of Prussia Mall (the largest naturally-grown mall in the U.S.) and I saw a Christmas display. Screw all of them. Give me Halloween and Thanksgiving, […]

The Truth Fairy

Alisa and I recently saw an ad on TV wherein a child gets $1 for their tooth from the Tooth Fairy, and then the punchline comes when the kid points out to the parents that their sibling (I assume) got $2. I don’t know about you, but I got 50 cents from the tooth fairy. […]