gogreengo remixes – Listen at Apothecary 9/10

I recently finished up work on the album cover you see above. Composer Joe Hallman’s gogreengo has been remixed by Megan Cauley, Peter (PONY) Celment, DJ Carl Michaels/Jamie Johnson, Kono Michi (Michi Wiancko), and Paul Pinto. gogreengo is a hard album to pin down, and tends to be pretty abstract and probably isn’t for everyone, […]

Zoe Keating

Zoë Keating’s album One Cello x 16: Natoma is a piece of music everyone should listen to. I’m not sure I have the musical vocabulary to place it or articulate it with any skill. But if I had to put words to it, I’d describe it as intense, deep and abstract, but still accessible string […]

We Believe in Nothing!

I noticed this last night on a package of ‘Hearty Grains’ Thomas’ English Muffins: Aren’t they describing the very parts of the English muffin that are nothing? I mean, I know the “nooks & crannies” thing is their hook, but don’t start assigning adjectives to pockets of nothing; adjectives that are, by their very nature, […]

Ultramagnetic MCs’ Critical Beatdown

Have you ever heard an album that makes a sigificant percentage of the music you listen to suddenly make more sense? It all suddenly become related and connected in a natural progression? I had that experience when I started to listen to KRS-ONE. I always knew that Ultramagnetic MCs was a key group in hip-hop. […]