gogreengo remixes – Listen at Apothecary 9/10

I recently finished up work on the album cover you see above. Composer Joe Hallman’s gogreengo has been remixed by Megan Cauley, Peter (PONY) Celment, DJ Carl Michaels/Jamie Johnson, Kono Michi (Michi Wiancko), and Paul Pinto. gogreengo is a hard album to pin down, and tends to be pretty abstract and probably isn’t for everyone, […]

Hello in There.

This image is almost exactly a month old now, but there she is, our baby girl.* That’s her at 20 weeks. I haven’t ever been this excited to meet anyone, ever. Expect a lot more baby-centric posts around early February. *We’re close to 100% positive the baby is a girl.

I Remember…

Waking up at my parents’ home in rural Pennsylvania, coming downstairs for coffee and seeing the TV on, with a picture of one of the towers pouring out smoke. Sitting and watching the coverage in my parents’ living room. Watching the second strike. Hearing about the Pentagon. Wondering if this was the start of a […]


More posts coming this weekend. I’m recovering from the longest illness I’ve had in probably 7+ years. In the meantime, ponder this: my early birthday present from Alisa this year was old man slippers. And I dig the hell out of them. The mind reels.

5K in the Park

I almost forgot to mention, I ran the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge again last week. I ran it last year, too. Previously, I ran it in 30:45 and was pretty much unable to walk 2 days later. This year, I trained up for a few weeks ahead of time and did the full 5K (3.5 […]