Long Weekend in New York City

Alright, so I was planning this big post about our weekend in New York City and Christo & Jeanne-Claude’s The Gates and the great restaurant we were taken to (Artisanal) and the great time we had in Brooklyn with friends and the new MoMa space but instead I’m just going to say this: NYC kicks […]

I Am Jack’s Halloween Costume

I’m in the center, surrounded by some friends from work and the spouse of one of them. I’d like to thank Alisa for the kick-ass job she did on my makeup. It really made the costume. She also reminded me about the bandage. With a costume like this, it’s all about the details. The picture […]

Some Guy Shaved My Back Today! Oh, and I Got a Tattoo

After many months of delaying and designing and deliberating, I experienced three firsts today, most important of which was getting a tattoo. And I’m quite happy with it. (If you want to skip my blathering and just see the tattoo, you’ll have to wait until it heals. However, click ‘Continue reading’ to see the design.) […]

Rebecca, Lawyer

My sister-in-law just found out that she passed the Pennsylvania Bar today. Knowing what I know now about the Bar Exam process, I realize that most people would be worn to a raw emotional and mental nub, somewhere around the level of a wet cat. Well, that appeared to have happened to Rebecca*, but she […]

Man, ::Yawns:: I’m Getting Sleepy, and I’m Sure You Have Work Tomorrow…

Hurricane Jeanne decided to visit Philadelphia today. I guess all of the tourism advertising really paid off. It even attracts the attention of major meteorological events. Well, I hope it drops a lot of cash at the Liberty Bell gift shop, ’cause I’m sick of it. This evening Jeanne intruded into my life and became […]

Alisa: 1, Me: 0

Conversation ‘twixt Alisa and I, while spending an evening at home with the Eternal Philadelphia Rainstorm going on outside: Me: Y’know Alisa, if you want, you can stop the rain. I mean, I think we’ve had enough already. Alisa: (frowning) I’m not making it rain… Me: … Alisa: Maybe it’s the kitty that wants to […]