To Own Your Right to Eat, Completely

I’ve had The World According to Monsanto playing in the background as I work today. In short: Monsanto, throughout its history, has acted on a policy of poisoning, lying, legal bullying, and bribery. They are in the process of spreading their genetically modified crops around the world, both through commerce and the simple fact that […]

If Your Mother Only Knew

Listening to NPR this morning on the way to work, I caught some interviews with voters in Texas, leading up the the primaries there. The self-identified Christians they spoke to all seemed to echo the same sentiment: I won’t vote for Hilary because a man should lead this country. Seriously? Seriously. Seriously. I know that […]

Seriously, Does This Even Qualify as a Rational Response?

ABC News is reporting some terribly important news. My friend Adam passed along this thrilling article to point out what has to be the absolute perfect quote from Sean Hannity. Why am I repeating something that this slack-jawed puppet is saying? Because it precisely communicates why he should be ignored and then we can all […]

Resident Evil 5: Is It Racist to Kill Black Zombies?

So, Capcom is developing the fifth Resident Evil videogame in the series. The Resident Evil series is about various misdeeds of corporations and cults that lead to zombies. In the fifth installment, it appears that there’s an outbreak in Africa, and the lead character who you play as has to kill African zombies in Africa. […]