Don’t Vote for This Man

First, we have Bush using September 11th to flog his agenda, yet again. As though his ability to hug a crying girl makes him different from any other president who would’ve experienced a tragedy like this. We were all sad. Anyone who can vote was around for the aftermath. WE ALL SUFFERED. Bush is not […]

How Can You Possibly Not Be Decided?

Alright, it’s official. I have absolutely no idea how anyone could be undecided at this point in the election. Is it because it’s been made a big important thing, a new demographic of sorts by news media outlets? Perhaps all this talk about the oh-so-important Undecideds is making people feel OK about remaining blissfully ignorant […]

Let Me Clarify, Bush Is OK on Horror

AP News Wire: Washington, D.C. President George Bush issued a statement following the Vice Presidential Debates assuring America that the War on Terror will not interrupt seasonal fesitivites. Amidst growing concerns about Terror, and its role in Horror, the Bush administration has released a statement concerning the specifics of scaring and celebrating. “Now, I understand […]

2004 Presidential Debates, #1

Last Thursday, I watched John Kerry do exactly what he needed to in order to make Bush look bad. He didn’t trounce him, or have a movie moment of utter victory, but he played it exactly like he should’ve. I am a liberal, with strong Democratic leanings, but I realize that the debates determine the […]

These Are Not Debates

The event occurring tonight involving Kerry and Bush is not a debate. However, I’ll watch it, since the outcome will influence the home stretch heavily, shaping the rest of the election and framing the candidates in the news. However, I, like others, do not want anyone to imagine that they’re watching a real debate. So, […]

A Contrasting View of Fahrenheit 9/11

I was recently pointed to an article written by Christopher Hitchens for Slate, the online news outlet. It’s a strong case for ignoring Fahrenheit 9/11, which stirred up some lingering thoughts I’ve been having. It presents many interesting refutations of Moore’s film, and what he proposes as fact. What drives Hitchens crazy is what tugged […]

Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 is a blistering and scrutinizing condemnation of George W. Bush, and the administration he represents. Moore presents a case with about two or three major threads. He presents his argument on how, through political connections, media connections, and Congressional weakness, Bush was falsely placed at the head of the U.S. government […]