OK, So Maybe Not

The Movable Type upgrade… did not go so well. So, here we are back at 3.34, which makes up for its lack of newness by not causing total site-wide chaos. C’est la vie. At least now I can post some new items I’ve been thinking about. Thanks again to my site mechanic, Steve, who promises […]

Spam Inundation

The parasites of the web are hammering the site with comment spam, which I’m deleting in droves. I guess somebody got a spamming company for Christmas. I may need to shut off commenting for a while before I upgrade and take more comprehensive steps to reduce the amount of garbage collecting on this site, with […]

We Are Back

My old host went belly-up, so I had to transfer Current Config to a new host. We’ve been ironing out problems since then.* I think things are good now. Stay tuned for more posts and the R Design site, coming very soon. Apologies to those directed to the R Design site without success, and those […]