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A Parent’s View

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

<img src=”/images/nightstairs.jpg” alt=”A view down our wooden stairs, which are lit at their foot and get darker as they ascend. On the landing is a bookcase and a turquoise chair.”

I’ve seen this view many times since Jocie was born. The light on the stairs as they ascend into the darkened second floor always struck me, so I decided to capture and share this little slice of my late-night traversing.

Structures Great and Small

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

A view underneath a highway overpass, looking straight down the rows of concrete columns that hold the roadway up over the marshes.

A small, rusted metal shed surrounded on three sides by fencing, that has old graffiti on it reading 'Chip' in embellished bubble letters.

Two scenes as viewed from the train this morning. These are best considered while listening to Cicada’s Technology Crisis, which is available for free.

The Capitol: A Memorial

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

An old metal plate fastened to worn black metal. The plate reads The Capitol, and displays the serial number and size code.

Back in the beginning of the winter of 2007, we had to replace our old furnace. Before the good people at Petro came in and deconstructed it, I took some photos for posterity.


Just HaPPy to Be Here

Monday, February 25th, 2008

A blurry shot of a sign over a news stall at Reading Terminal, which reads HaPPy. The two capital Ps are clearly from another set of letters.

Seen in the Reading Terminal Station.

This news seller clearly got these letters from other sources for bargain basement prices. It drives me crazy every time I see this sign because I know, I know, I’ve seen these letters in a logotype/logotypes before. Anyone have any guesses where these letters originated from? My brain will thank you.

Pfft… Snow

Monday, February 25th, 2008

A snowy street, with about six inches of snow, covering cars, the ground, trees, and the large home seen behind a fence.

We got our first real snow of the winter on Friday. We were giddy as we awoke to that wonderful suffusive light reflected by a new snow. This was also Blackbird’s first snow! We couldn’t wait to blow her mind with the view out the window (or I couldn’t, at any rate). Her response was… subtle.


Sunrise on the City

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

An image of face, light from my right by the rising sun, with a bit of the train window visible. Some power lines can be seen passing by.

I forgot my camera this morning, so in lieu of the cool shots of the passing scenery from the train that I had planned on taking, I give you me at 8:12 AM (conveniently noted in the corner), as taken by my laptop camera. I’d love to say that my concerned look is a sign of my disappointment with myself, but I apparently have a permanently furrowed brow. I guess I furrow a lot. You can’t un-furrow, so I think I need to start planning my life as either one of those concerned citizens you keep hearing about, or a curmudgeon.

Local News Alert: Weather is in the Air

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

I love it when local news affiliates leap at the chance to cover snowfall, but all they have to work with is a flurry.

“Diane, I’m standing here at 6pm on the side of Route 11 by a Cracker Barrel billboard, and there’s no question about it: when it is snowing, we have snow.” “What can you tell us about the situation from where you are, Barbara?” “Well, I’m here with the Action News 11 at 6 Team and we’re seeing a bit of accumulation. Not so much on the roadways, as you can see traffic is flowing behind me, but if you can zoom in here you’ll see that I’m able to get a handful of the snow. It’s a little one, but I can definitely classify this as ‘powder’.” “Barb, how are local officials reacting to the weather conditions?” “Well, Diane, local officials seem concerned that any instance of snowing will lead to snow, and this has their eyes on the roadway, which you can see behind me as we report live. Fortunately, as the storm seems to be passing north of us, we’ll not see more than this dusting we’re getting now, so officials are not concerned at this time.” “Thanks, Barb. We’ll keep you updated on the situation on the roads as the weather situation develops into the nighttime into… well, stay tuned for Bob Cazenstakas for the weather later on in our broadcast. What do you have next for us, Frank?” “Diane, viewers should stay tuned, we’ve got an important warning for consumers and parents about the possible health risks associated with allowing your child to stand up, a list of items that could give your child an incurable case of choking to death, as well as footage of a local dog whose hobbies include barking when Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is on TV and being adorable.”

Typographical, Yet Analogical

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Four sentences set first in Helvetica, then in Arial, that read: If Helvetica is the typeface of the Man, Arial is the typeface of his secretary. If Helvetica is the typeface of forms and signs, Arial is the typeface of emails and notes. If Helvetica is the typeface of official signage, Arial is the typeface of the note on the office fridge. If Helvetica is the typeface of bureaucratic default, Arial is the typeface of faulty bureaucracy.

Yesterday, my friend Steve mentioned that the signage of Boston’s T, which originally used Helvetica, was slowly being replaced with Arial. It inspired this image.

Room to Grow

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

My daughter's pinky laid over my own.

Considering she grew this far from one cell about 10 months ago, I guess the rest of the trip isn’t such a big deal.

Sunlight Breaks Through

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Out my kitchen window this morning.

The sunlight hits a bottle and orange vase in the window, which looks out on a hazy, leafless, wooded area.