David Caruso, Actorbot

If you have ever been subjected to CSI: Miami, then you probably know just how terrible the show is. I won’t get into everything I find detestable about this show*, or why I have enough experience with it to dislike it with such vigor and specificity, but I will say this: David Caruso has one emotion. That emotion is intensity.

*Which includes an episode warning against the corrupting influences of pornography, while simultaneously attempting to curry sympathy for the girls who star in these flicks (ironically, the men are just objects, I suppose…), who really wish they could be dating crime scene investigators and having malteds.

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The Virgin Suicides

Alisa and I just watched Sophia Coppola’s sophomore effort (if you count Lick the Star) on DVD, and I liked it, but I’m not sure why. It’s not that I can’t speak about it, but more that I can’t point specifically to what along the way grabbed me. Perhaps it’s the bias built in by liking Lost in Translation so much, or perhaps it’s the Air soundtrack (doubtful). It’s not on my top 25 or anything, but it’s a well-crafted film and worth watching.

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Spring Thing: Quite the Thing

I spent Friday evening through this evening (got back a few hours ago) having a great time at the Spring Thing, put on by the Philadelphia Folksong Society.

It ended up being much more… civilized(?) than I expected. I’ve been exposed to the more rustic* side of folk by Alisa at the Philly Folk Festival** and Falconridge, so I expected to be roughing it much more than we did. Tennis and basketball courts, a pool, and cabins with power, plumbing, and actual beds. These plus other amenities made it an extremely fun time with lots of relaxation and not too much work or stress (about things like bugs and mud and heat and work).

Spring Thing was very fun, and I’m looking forward to the next one.

* By which I mean, “involves tents.”
** If you’re cool, you call it “Fest.”

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Hello World

Note: This post is a test. I wonder what this will look like… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi sagittis posuere tellus. In nonummy gravida est. In volutpat. Mauris nonummy aliquet ipsum. Nulla at leo sit amet dui dictum tincidunt. In nec nunc nec lectus porta tempus. In nunc tortor, vestibulum in, varius in, commodo nec, libero. Nulla arcu enim, pulvinar a, pellentesque ut, mattis nec, neque. Sed metus est, ultricies sit amet, vehicula eleifend, vestibulum non, ante. Cras lobortis adipiscing wisi. Ut ut quam.

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