WordPressing Developments

So, the site you see before you is my first bold step into the world of WordPress, at the urging of my good friend and personal software wonk, Steve Laniel, who also very generously sacrificed over four hours of his time to help me with the not-so-seamless conversion from Movable Type.

A few notes: The new ‘design’ is not an actual design, but more a placeholder while I learn the ropes of WP’s templates. Also, my moving to WordPress has more to do with my lack of technical skills and my personal resources than any statement on my part about Movable Type’s fitness as a platform. It was mostly driven by the fact that the spam problems I was having were becoming ridiculous and I knew for a fact that I could solve them with WP.

And finally, there are likely many bugs and dead links. If you see anything awry with the site, please drop me a line at chrisr@currentconfig.com and I’ll get right on fixing them.

I tend to do these things a bit ‘bare-assed’ instead of running a dev site like a normal, decent website proprietor. Thanks for your patience and understanding with the changes.


Jdimytai Damour, hero of American consumers everywhere, died 11/29/2008. He gave his life so New York City shoppers could obtain only the best deals for their family and themselves this Christmas at Wal-Mart. If only the unnamed 28-year-old pregnant woman who so valiantly dove underfoot could have also given her life and the life of her near-term fetus so that others could save. Her selfless act will not go unremembered this Christmas.

It is these brave souls who remind us that the War for Christmas is alive and well in America. Stand strong you bargain hunters. You remind us all why Santa Claus wears red.

No Foolin’

Now that I’m a father, I’m taking the long view into account and thinking a lot about how decisions I make now will play out when my daughter is older. Decisions that have long-term effects now have a dual layering I try to be mindful of: one layer is the effect on my life and the other is how it will be interpreted by Blackbird and what message(s) it could send.

So, knowing this, I’d like everyone to help me out and start popularizing the following saying:

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you again. Stop doing that. It’s not nice.”

Thanks in advance, everyone.

Time to Vote

The hardest part should be the decision, not the action.

Google has you covered. Just go to their 2008 Voter Info map tool, type in your address, and it’ll tell you where you need to be on Tuesday, November 4th to cast your vote.

And to those people out there who are trying to disenfranchise voters by posting misinformation about voting: what you’re doing is treasonous. Get the hell out of our country.

Good Job, Governor Palin

I admit, I thought that Palin was going to be a ramble-y mess for the whole debate. But then she clearly and concisely summed up my stance on her candidacy. I admit it, I am impressed at her clarity on this topic:

Ifill: “As Vice President, there’s nothing you’ve promised as a candidate that you would take off the table because of this financial issue?”

Palin: “There is not, and how long have I been at this? Like five weeks?”

Good job, Governor.

Blackbird: 7 Months

Month seven has been another transition month. Blackbird hasn’t hit any big milestones, but has been tiptoeing right up to the edge of them, getting incrementally closer and closer yet never reaching them (a sort of baby’s first dichotomy paradox).

This past month she’s been almost crawling all the time. Even in her sleep. Her mobility, which is still very limited, is far greater than it was last month. She can freely roll and knows to slow herself to avoid bumping her noggin, she can spin in circles on her tummy (I call it pivoting), and she can get up on all fours and rock forward and backward. However, she can’t get that one final piece: lifting her hands one at a time. This drives her crazy. In fact, she’s better at slowly skooching backward than she is at making forward progress. She occasionally does a face-plant as a result of this little hurdle (which results in virtually no fussing, to my surprise).

However, in spite of this month feeling a bit ‘in between’ more significant advances, it’s been great fun. The contours of her personality are becoming visible and our interactions have become true responsive events involving feedback from both sides affecting the other. I admit, as cute as she’s been since day one, I’ve never had this much fun before. Yesterday, I spent the morning on the floor with Blackbird and our cat, Leto. Blackbird giggled and squealed, rolling around with the cat and trying to get a handful of her tail between bouts of playing with a book. Her sense of joy and wonder at the world is so strong and energizes me every time.

For a variety of reasons, we’re a little thin on photos this month (a new job being a big reason). But worry not! I have an SLR to play with now (sadly, only on loan), so I expect the quality and quantity to spike for next month.

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20 Words and Phrases That Mean Nothing

If you hear these words from someone who is trying to sell you something or get your vote, you can be assured that all of the words associated with them are false or devoid of information:

  • Improved
  • Best
  • Greatest
  • Cheesier
  • Voted the most
  • Fun
  • Sophisticated
  • New convenient size
  • It will blow you away
  • Our forefathers believed/intended
  • Fancy
  • Kids love
  • Naturally flavored
  • I won’t lie to you
  • We can’t offer deals like this for long
  • Truly
  • Classy
  • Chewiest
  • Tastiest
  • Americans want/think/believe/are saying/need